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“Living in this community has helped improve my quality of life because I no longer live alone and I am eating properly now because I receive three, nutritious meals a day.”

“I am well taken care of here. I have total security and loving care.”

“My favorite part about living at Crown Care is the activities, especially the bingo, music and devotions.”

“I like it here, they are so good to me and that says it all.”

“My daughter chose Crown for me and I’m glad that she did. It’s very clean and the people take good care of us.”

“I have always heard that Crown is the best. They really take care of their residents. I feel loved here. Everybody has been so good to me. It’s nice to be in a place where people smile.”

“My son checked several facilities and Crown was referred to him as the best. The nurses are always ready to help, and we have freedom to do what we like.”

“My daughter picked Crown for me and I’m glad she did. From the moment I came in it felt like home. They do all they can to help you here.”

“Crown Care Center has improved my quality of life by helping me with life’s activities that I can’t manage.”

“I am a people person. This community has improved my quality of life by giving me opportunities to talk to other residents and staff.”

“I spend a lot of time with individuals who are considering a long-term care facility, to learn as much about their individual daily habits and preferences as possible. All of us at Crown Care Center come into our jobs knowing that we are part of a team. In the long run, we have low turnover and offer outstanding care for our clients.”

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