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“This community is special because they are always improving on their activities and the staff has time for me. I feel like the staff is my family. I love it here!”

“Living here has improved my quality of life by learning to socialize more with people.”

“I like living at Country Club Care Center because it’s like home. There is good food and everyone treats me with kindness, good care and companionship.”

“My favorite part about living here is having help when I need it no matter what time of day or night.”

“People are good to me. They are very helpful. If I have to be in a facility, I’m glad to be in this one.”

“It’s a good place. The atmosphere is clean and staff is friendly. I’m very happy and content here.”

“I like everything about living here. I like my relationships with the staff, and I feel like I am treated very special.”

“I like everything about it. It is the cleanest place in town. They even clean the tops of the doors.”

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