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A Family Member’s Thank You to Wilshire at Lakewood Care Center

At Capital Health Management (CHM), our goal is to create and manage vibrant communities, featuring individualized care and the comforts of home. We could not achieve this goal without the dedicated and caring staff that runs our four CHM communities.

At Capital Health Management (CHM), our goal is to create and manage vibrant communities, featuring individualized care and the comforts of home. We could not achieve this goal without the dedicated and caring staff that runs our four CHM communities.

Recently, the Executive Director of Wilshire at Lakewood Care Center, Bart Davis, received a letter from a resident’s family member detailing the amazing staff and all they did to improve his mother’s life. It is testimonials such as these that remind us how special it is to work at a place where we can impact families in a positive manner on a daily basis.

Read below to hear how the Wilshire at Lakewood Care Center team positively impacted the life of John Thornton and his mother.


October 19, 2018

Mr. Bart Davis Executive Director

Wilshire at Lakewood Care Center 600 NE Meadowview Dr.

Lee’s Summit, Mo. 64064


Attention Mr. Davis:

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to your staff for the excellent care and rehabilitation service you provided my mother during the month of September.

Specifically, I would like to single out Debbie Wiley, Debra Eickhoff, and Jennifer Bruce for the outstanding help and support they gave me throughout the care process including my initial visit and evaluation, the transition in, daily care and attention, and the coordination of services that allowed my mother to rehab and return home. They  were  outstanding,  going  above  and  beyond  in  every way treating me like family and being so sympathetic and caring regarding the situation that I was in.

My situation was complicated for several reasons. First my mother was adamant she did not want to be in a rehab facility. In addition, I live in another state with little support for my mother in KC. And my wife is in the middle of cancer chemo treatment with an early October surgery on the horizon. I was caught trying to coordinate transitioning my mother from a 6 day hospital stay to a skilled resource facility with hopes for getting her back home after rehab. All the while I needed to be on an airplane back home to care for my wife with no option to return to KC any time soon to help care for my mother after rehab. I truly was between a rock and a hard spot.

The hospital said my mother could not go home and had to go to a rehab center. I knew very little about rehab centers and got the name of three that I chose to visit. To take the emotion out of my decision I tried to rate the options based on facility, nursing care, and coordination. As a novice, I weighted the newness of the facility really high. Then I was fortunate enough to tour Wilshire with Debra Eickhoff (Debbie 1 as I called her). While giving me a tour she helped me realize the importance of coordination. She took the time to help me understand the potential issues with my mother’s advantage insurance plan and the ongoing five day review/justification with a 48 hour dictated exit… she highlighted so many potential gotcha’s with the coordination that I had no idea about. All the while showing me the quality care and services Wilshire provided and introducing me to many of the critical staff.

I must admit my head was spinning. After I visited the other places and returned to the hospital I had so many questions and concerns about how I could make any of this work especially being in another state. I called Debra in her office that evening long after she should have gone home. She had sensed I was in a bind and had given me her cell number. I had initially chosen another facility that was closer to my mother and frankly newer. But the coordination questions lingered so I called her again the next morning. In both calls Debra was so professional and helpful. She was careful to answer my questions and provide options without being pushy towards Wilshire. She truly wanted to help me regardless of which facility I chose. She even set up a conference call with her and Debbie Wiley to walk me through how Debbie would help with the transition from the hospital to Wilshire to home or wherever. They schooled me on the way the insurance worked and their day to day experience with the insurance company to insure the best care possible.

Bottom line, I did not realize initially, but came to understand that in my case coordination was so much more important than a newer facility. And I was so blessed to have Debbie Wiley and Debra Eickhoff on my team with me every step of the way.

My mother was not excited or comfortable being transferred to Wilshire. But your excellent staff of helpers like Melissa {Debbie Wiley’s assistant), Jamie Binkley the lead nurse, the doctors, the Therapists, and even the kitchen staff all were so nice, so professional and so helpful. Somehow, they broke down the barriers my mother put up and willed her to get better. Before I left to go back home, a couple of days after my mother was admitted, I took the time to meet many of the staff, asking questions and getting direction so that I understood what was going to be happening after I went back home. Everyone was so helpful explaining how we would be able to manage my mother’s care long distance.

In addition, I met with Jennifer Bruce who was a great help on the Social Services side. She educated me on Private Duty Care, Meals on Wheels, Home Health and transportation options. Jennifer was so understanding, helpful and professional in pointing me in the right direction to line up in-home services that would be necessary if my mother was going to be able to return home even for a short period of time while I dealt with my wife’s cancer. Without her help and direction, I would have never known enough to create a critical care plan for my mother after she returned home.

The entire Wilshire team that managed the care for my mother was so impressive. But the successful rehab of my mother with me managing things long distance from another state would not have happened without Debbie Wiley. From the initial evaluation and treatment plan conference call to the review and coordination with the insurance company to the exit transition work with the private duty care, Debbie was so knowledgeable, understanding, proactive and professional. I am a retired project manager and she made me feel so comfortable that all the details had been addressed. She was on top of all of the critical areas yet personal and caring towards me and my needs. In addition, she stopped by several times just to talk to my mother to make her feel comfortable and let her know there was someone at Wilshire looking out for her. Without all of these special efforts, I would be in a world of hurt now.

I could go on and on about how great an experience and care Wilshire provided to my mother and me. A simple “Thank You” seems rather hollow. But know that these people made a huge difference in my mother’s life giving her more time in her home where she wants to be. And they allowed me to be with my wife helping her deal with a tough situation which is where I wanted and needed to be. So thank you…..you all are the BEST!!!


John Thornton

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