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Cross Creek Looks Forward to Celebrating National Caregivers Day

On Friday, February 16, Cross Creek at Lee’s Summit Assisted Living | Memory Care will join the rest of the nation in celebrating National Caregivers Day. This national day was founded in 2015 by Providers Association for Home Health and Hospice Agencies.

Caregivers, whether they are in a professional setting or are family and friends giving up their time to serve their loved ones, are a vital part of our society. Caregivers often put aside their own needs and desires, and sometimes even put their lives on hold, in order to best provide care for the individuals they work with.

The Cross Creek care staff is made up of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Medical Technicians and Certified Nurse Aides. These men and women provide daily care for our residents, which includes assisting residents with all activities of daily living, such as bathing, getting dressed and using the restroom. In addition to providing care and medical attention, the care staff members spend significant time getting to know each resident and learning about their unique story, preferences and personality.

Kind, attentive and skilled care staff members are providing these services in communities and home health agencies across the country, but likewise, many caregivers exist in homes across the country. These are often selfless family members or close friends who give up their time and resources in order to care for their loved ones. The patience, love and resilience that full and part-time caregiving requires cannot be understated.

This February, join us in expressing a heartfelt “thank you” to those who provide care to the individuals in our society who need it most. For all that caregivers do and for all they give, we and so many others are immensely grateful.

To explore caregiver resources, find support groups and find inspiration, explore the links below:

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